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FY2018 Request for Siuslaw Collaborative Watershed Restoration Project Proposals

Cascade Pacific RC&D will be accepting Pre-Application proposals for Off-Forest (Wyden) watershed restoration projects on non-federal, private lands beginning June 1 through August 1, 2018.  Projects must clearly demonstrate benefits to the Siuslaw National Forest and must be located in the areas represented by the Alsea, Hebo, Marys Peak, Siuslaw, and Smith-Umpqua-Dunes stewardship groups. All projects must be presented to the appropriate stewardship group for approval during their May, June or July meetings.

Follow the steps below to submit a Pre-Application for pre-approval by Siuslaw National Forest Technical Staff.

1. Download the RFP for submission details. Refer to the Stewardship Project Eligibility Guidelines for acceptable and prohibited project activities.
2. Present proposal to the appropriate Stewardship Group (SG) in which the project is located.  Obtain approval from SG.
3. Download the Pre-Application. Save the file as a different name and fill in the blanks as directed.
4. Contact the appropriate USFS Technical Specialist listed on the pages attached to the Pre-Application, to obtain USFS approval and signatures required on page 2.
5. Email pages 1 & 2 of the Pre-Application to Courtney Lynn, Cascade Pacific RC&D Stewardship Program by August 1.
6. Follow the deadline dates and submission process outlined in the Timeline.
7. Full Applications are due September 18. See section below for Application and other required documents.

AFTER approval of the Pre-Application by the USFS Technical Specialist, applicant will be notified in mid August by CPRCD for approval to submit a full stewardship fund Application including all required attachments. 

All required documents can be found in the links below. Email any questions, application and supporting documents according to the deadlines listed in the Timeline to Courtney Lynn,

Application Documents

Contract Exhibit Documents for Approved Applications

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