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WY-M3-07 Greasy Creek Riparian Project

Elevated summer temperature profiles are known to limit the distribution of salmonids on Greasy Creek, a tributary of the Marys River. Historic agricultural practices have resulted in unvegetated banks and a loss of complex root matting along this reach of Greasy Creek. This has resulted in accelerated erosion that is often dealt with by local landowners with bank armoring (riprap).  A ten foot vertical bank has formed on the project site and is slumping due to erosive forces of the creek during high winter flows. A 50 riparian buffer of native trees will be planted along 825 of the creek.  A bio-engineered solution to bank stabilization will be implemented that results in increased sediment
retention and decreased velocity.  Partners include the landowner, City of Corvallis, Philomath High School, Starker Forests and Marys River Watershed Council. 

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