Stewardship Fund Application

The Pre-Application process for the Stewardship Fund FY2022 is now open!  The submission process deadlines are as follows:

March 1        PRE-Application due to CPRCD
March 2-29        SNF Natural Resource Staff Team review of PRE-Applications
March 31        CPRCD to notify PRE-Applicants by email of approval status
April 12        Full Applications due to CPRCD
April 14-May 21        SNF Technical Team (TT) Review of Applications
May 24        CPRCD forwards TT comments to Applicants
Late May–Early June        All Applicants and TT convene in a joint meeting to present and discuss applicant responses to TT comments
By June 11        Applicants submit amended Responses to TT comments to CPRCD and SG’s
June 14-July 2        Stewardship groups meet to discuss applicant responses and prioritize projects
July 5-16        RoundTable meets to prioritize applications for SSWRP funding
August 2        FINAL Revised Full Application due to CPRCD

Please refer to the application for more details. Pre-Application may be downloaded below. Questions?  Contact Stewardship Assistant, Connie Barnes,

Application Documents

Please find all below.

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